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Our Mission

  • To create a safe space for reflection, growth and learning… however we engage

  • To serve our clients… with compassion, responsibly and professionally

  • To inspire moments of courage and action … through empowering, meaningful coaching conversations

Our Values 

  • Courage: The state or quality of mind and spirit that enables one to act in face of danger, fear or change, with self possession, confidence, and resolution.

  • Integrity: Is a concept of ‘walking the talk’. Integrity is regarded as the honesty, justness and accuracy of ones actions. It is the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.

  • Humble Engagement: A state of being in flow with your own vitality, creativity, and passion; joyfully embracing life in all its colours, richness, and simplicity with humility.

  • Continual Growth: The process, through curiosity and learning, of developing or maturing physically, mentally and spiritually from one state of being to a more desired one.

  • Gratitude: To be filled with the feeling of thankfulness, and compelled by the expression of appreciation.

Our Goals

  • To touch 1% of the global population with inspiring coaching conversations.

  • To engage with 1% of the coaching practitioners in joining us in this work.

  • To give back to the local, national or international community in significant ways each year

Why 1%

the good coach began in 2012. In the same year the recorded global population exceeded 7 billion for the first time and this number will rise. To touch just 1%, approximately 70 million individuals around the world, through inspiring coaching conversations anytime, anywhere and through any media, the good coach with other similar minded organizations can make this vision happen. Just 1% is the threshold for a microtrend to occur – “the small force behind today’s big changes”*. We truly believe coaching can make a difference to someone’s life. Giving a person the space to reflect and courageously take actions to empower themselves to choose the live they want to lead both professionally and personally is our vision. Reaching just 1% of the population will help keep the principles and practice of coaching sustainable for future generations to benefit from.

*Microtrends, The Small Forces Behind Today’s Big Challenges. Mark J. Penn

Our supporters, mentors, advisors - thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Our ongoing thanks to many who have knowingly, and even unknowingly, offered their support, advice and experiences in influencing and shaping the good coach to become what it is now, and to become what it can be in the future. James Thackray, Nicholas Wai, Charlotte Rydlund, Isak Rydlund, Naomi Dishington, Jeremy Ridge, Sue Young, Cate BuccellatoEamon O'Brien, Martin Waller, Laurent Terseur