What is the good coach?

the good coach is an innovative community enterprise that collaborates and cooperates with Practitioners who are motivated in:

  • Relating their diverse experiences of coaching approaches from each of their leading edges in their marketplace.
    Personal development is positively seen as part of each practitioner's continuing professional learning and development.

  • Researching how their coaching approach is making a positive impact that may be considered both robust and 'professional'.
    Practitioner research is positively seen as an alternative approach to validate, formally and informally, their practice. 

  • Relaying their experiences to their peers, (potential) clients, and the broader marketplace through various publishing mediums.
    Practitioners honestly and humbly sharing their stories/cases as role-models and insights for others to consider and apply in their own practice and environment.

We aim to provide a genuine 'round-table' for everyone to participate in.  For more > About Us

We are also excited to have found a new 'home', as well as being one of its founding member, at Bloom.space located in the heart of Bloomsbury (WC1). We're embedded inside London's Knowledge Quarter, next door to UCL on Gower Street, with its rich history of entrepreneurial innovation and cutting edge technological development producing businesses with real impact.