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如何提高導師水平的9.5個重要方法 - 由侯婉琳提供

‘’the good coach” 吸引了其他志同道合的導師(無論全職/兼職/隨意),他們期望得益於超越目前的市場狀態。我們參加了小組討論。我們與同行,博客和tgc讀者聯繫,

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Making sense of what I do, how my coaching practice is taking shape by Yvonne Thackray
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Having coaching conversations in organisations: focusing on the individual to move beyond stereotypes by Simon Dennis (guest)
“Do what You Say and Say what You Do” by Aubrey Rebello
Translating Coaching Codes of Practice - The Preface
“What did I leave unsaid?” Coaching reflections from the well of unease by Alan Robertson (guest)
So what does the BREXIT vote mean for executive coaches?
When training is better done using a Coaching Approach: A practical example of how to use a coaching approach when people still call it training by R. Ramamurthy Krishna (Guest)