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the good coach sponsors the publications of books. A celebration of the diversity of experience and personal practitioner knowledge shared by each of our established practitioner-bloggers on important challenges that currently exist in their market.

We are proud to support and sponsor these initiatives, and we hope to see this becoming one of our regular initiatives. 

Book 2: Translating Coaching Codes of Practice - Insights from the leading edges of everyday practitioners

There is still scope for better understanding of what is involved in coaching.

  • What is the real relationship between our practice and our market?
  • Are there different codes of practitioner practices being ignored for simple generalisations?
  • How can we begin to translate these codes of different practices into greater knowledge and understanding of how coaching works?
  • And why does it matter that we need to start building a practitioner knowledge base that begins with the leading edges of every practitioner?

These are important questions established practitioners of coaching ask about their work. Continuing with our latest edited volume, over 15 experienced individuals share their insights and experiences of how they translate these questions through their practice. They each work in different places in different locations around the world, and each share their leading edges of how they are making it work for them in their market.

Their insights will be valuable for anyone seeking to apply a coaching approach in their own space. After all, coaching is about giving that quality of attention to an individual to have the confidence and clarity to reach their potential now and in the future. Packed with refreshingly candid and insightful approaches, Translating Coaching Codes of Practice shows that on top of being passionate about coaching we can be even more appreciative of sharing understanding, through self-reporting, how each practitioner makes it work. The unique code of each person’s practice can better inform the field and the wider market of the realities that everyday practitioners operate in, that go beyond the many limitations of currently approved practice. 

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Book 1: Much Ado About Coaching

£8.39 EBOOK available to buy on Amazon (mobi only)  £11. 99 PAPERBACK available to buy from and available on Amazon. 

£8.39 EBOOK available to buy on Amazon (mobi only) 

£11. 99 PAPERBACK available to buy from and available on Amazon

Can asking questions inspire change? Much Ado About COACHING asks you brave and pertinent questions while sharing the challenges and triumphs of a real life-changing transition.

Can talking inspire action? Be inspired by the experience, thoughts and reflections from five executive coaches from four continents, as they spark conversations on how to navigate change. 

Can reflection inspire growth? Much Ado About COACHING encourages you to reflect so you can gain new insights, feel a fresh sense of empowerment and continue your own journey of discovery with confidence.