How to interact with the good coach blog

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the good coach is a safe space for practitioner-bloggers to share their opinions, thoughts, ideas, challenges and experiences around coaching.  Everyone - practitioners, bloggers and readers - really enjoy engaging in and interacting with each other in the comments section found at the end of each post. 

We really want to keep  all the discussions constructive and meaningful. We expect , from time to time,  some of the opinions shared may be controversial, even disagree and challenge the practitioner-blogger, the good coach supports vigorous debates of substantive issue. However, we won't tolerate abusive behaviour or derogatory comments directed at private individuals and reserve the right to delete them.

Together as proactive participants in this practitioner community let us efficiently use our time and to pour our energies in expanding, exploring, unearthing and filling gaps on coaching from learning from as many different perspectives and levels as possible to build towards the practitioner knowledge base, and begin creating a documentary reference for both best practice and continuing professional & personal development.

How to Add Comments after each post

Step 1 - Add a comment

  • Click a post title, and then click Comment. 
  • Enter your comment in the Comment box and then click Post Comment. You can also click Preview to see how your comment will look before submitting it.


Step 2a - Post anonymously 

  • Select the icon of the outline of the top half of a human body
  • Add your name (full, shortened, abbreviated, psuedo) and there is an option to include your email and website URL.
  • And then click Login (equiv Post Comment)

Step 2b - Log in to comment

Alternatively you can log in to comment via a Squarespace, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook account.