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Yvonne Thackray (MSc, MEng, APECS) is an executive coach and peer supervisor, and a practitioner researcher and editor, who has combined her passions through all these roles for the past decade. Yvonne has lived and worked in both the UK and Hong Kong.  She works with clients internationally, with a keen interest in leadership (professional and personal) and knowledge management (Intuition and tacit knowledge).

A specialist in the field of coaching she defines coaching as providing that quality of attention that enables another person to have the confidence and clarity to reach and humbly manage their potentials now and in the future. She has a reputation for being prepared, patient and thorough, a sharp listener and a good strategist for the way the conversation, or process, needs to be designed to ensure buy in. 

Yvonne is fascinated by the potential of coaching, and how everyday practitioners practice their coaching approach in various situations and contexts. As founder of the good coach, she works with a team of like-minded practitioners to grow and develop a practitioner research institute whose core proposition is to understand what is coaching. She has also published three books, 40+ blogs, and articles.

Executive Coach and Owner of Elmbank Coaching