My Career Transition - Six Month Blog Series Summary - by Charlotte Murray

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This month has been a month of readjustment. I’m no longer living in a tent, I’m no longer scuba diving every day, and I have access to laundry and internet whenever I like. With this readjustment to more stationary life, I decided to review and re-read my blogs documenting six months of my career transition from international corporate to independent life. This was primarily to give myself a little energy boost, and to remind myself of what I learned along the way.

Here are links to all of the blog segments. It’s a different experience to read the blogs from beginning to end and back to back, instead of with the monthly intervals. Each segment has a few tips that I took away each time. 

Starting at the beginning. 10,000km: my journey to change. Enjoy!

Segment 1 – The decision. May 20, 2013


Segment 2 – The concept of Time. June 14, 2013


Segment 3- In the Action. July 16, 2013


Segment 4 – Presence while on the Road. Aug 17, 2013


Segment 5 – Looking back and looking ahead. Sept 19, 2013


Segment 6 – My journey comes to an end. Oct 31, 2013