may's theme: change - for possibilities

"This is what the painter does, and the poet, the speculative philosopher, the natural scientist, each in his own way. Into this [simplified and lucid] image [of the world] and its formation, he places the center of gravity of his emotional life, in order to attain the peace and serenity that he cannot find with the narrow confines of swirling personal experience."

Albert Einstein.

"Change - for possibilities" is our theme for May. We look forward to sharing our blogs over the coming month; each offering our unique and diverse perspective. We open this month's topic, "Change - for possibilities" with an image of the brain. With the recent advancements in neuroscience, what we now know is that change is possible but it's something that needs to be worked at. As Dr. Daniel Siegel states "Interestingly enough, we now know from the findings of neuroscience that the mental and emotional changes we can create through cultivation of the skill of mindsight are transformational at the very physical level of the brain." What this means is that the assumption that we can't change isn't true, we can. We all have the opportunity to make changes especially if we believe and choose to come from a growth mindset, coined by Dr Carol Dweck, where the "most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work". The range of possibilites can suddenly become limitless.