july's theme: change - for action

Seeing change in action might inspire us to take action. Art is a wonderful medium, even a social commentary that captures those moments of change - a snapshot of history - that maybe come timeless. To create the desire for action, I'd like to share a couple of different visuals: a dance clip and a poem. Inspired by action or to quote Audre Lorde, "The transformation of silience into language and action" enjoy what's to come from the good coach bloggers and their guests. 

It Is Your Turn Now - By Rumi

It is your turn now, you waited, you were patient. 

The time has come, for us to polish you.

We will transform your inner pearl into a house of fire.

You're a gold mine.

Did you know that, hidden in the dirt of the earth?

It is your turn now, to be placed in fire.

Let us cremate your impurities.