change - for action 2013 (wrap up)

"Change - for actions" was our theme for July. We enjoyed sharing our blogs this month, and delighted to share our collective learning as we wrap up this month's theme.

Lasting change doesn’t happen quickly or in great leaps. There are many paths in reaching those changes; setbacks are normal as long as you don’t allow them to be a reoccurring habit that bets against your future self. As we are all creatures of habit, rather than blaming ourselves for our bad habits possibly our first step towards sustainable change is to move towards actionable awareness, accept that we do have bad habits whilst simultaneously reinforcing that small steps are the surest path to sustainable change.  Find those relevant rewards that deal with the present and meet the future goal, revise them as the time frame changes, and ... be patient. Meanwhile share those actions you have experienced with those who support what you are striving towards. Yet be aware, sometimes to empower yourself or somebody you’re supporting, it may mean staying away from taking action and leaving the responsibility with that person. Finally, make sure you create narratives around them, as this will construct meaning and certain coherence in our lives and our ability to communicate our change with others.