Gratitude - by Charlotte Murray


I can remember many of the times of how and where I spent Canada’s national holiday (July 1st). This week was the first time in 10 years that I spent it in Halifax. And it got me thinking about how important relationships and friendships are, and not to take them for granted.

I recently re-read an article on the ‘gratitude brain’  where scientific studies had shown how the brain changes when one practices gratitude. The more you seek out and practice gratitude, the more events and situations you encounter to be grateful for.

This article showcased several different studies in gratitude and the effects not only on the brain, but on the people’s lives and health. Several of the studies required the participants to keep a gratitude journal. With each entry, they discovered the participants were exercising better, sleeping better and less depressed.

While I don’t keep a gratitude journal myself, I do keep a weekly report for the progress of our budding technology business (we’re in week 42 now). And, I see these blogs as my way to reflect and take a step back and refocus. Seeing that it is the start of a new month, and finally feeling like summer has arrived, my challenge to you is to find a moment and a person to be grateful for every day for the next week. What happens if you tell the person you're grateful for them and even tell them and challenge them to pass along the gratitude?

I’ll start by taking my own challenge. I’m grateful for my husband, family and friends both near and far who have been immensely supportive and understanding while getting our company started. Many have offered a place to stay on the road, dinners, a friendly ear and hugs when they were seemingly needed the most.

Business colleagues, mentors and advisors have given me their time and shared some of the most difficult and yet invaluable conversations I’ve had since I embarked on this entrepreneurship train. And it’s finally summer in Atlantic Canada. For all this, I am grateful. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

- What or who are you grateful for? 

- How do you feel when you express gratitude?

- What do you notice the more you seek out gratitude?