Another Opportunity to be involved in Research into Coaching

We are continuing to introduce initiatives on the good coach that progress the need for continued high standard RESEARCH in our field of COACHING.

Our Blog-Articles have already introduced what we believe is an important feature of the practitioners’ approach to RESEARCH in the field that is much needed. 

As outlined in our book ‘Translating Coaching Codes of Practice’, we share how this discipline is still developing,  and how it is one of the most important features of how coaches work.

Each Practitioner operates to a form of practice that is inevitably built around them as a unique individual.  It is therefore essential that each practitioner, as the authority that knows most about their practice, sets out to report about their practice in a manner that evidences, rigorously, how it works. 
We can also draw from wider approaches to RESEARCH – especially where it operates to current standards of best research practice.

We are pleased to take this further with an invitation, below, for you to take part, if appropriate, directly in research into a growing, and important, part of our Coaching field.

Please pass this invitation on to others you may know who might be interested.

Request for internal coaches to support a PhD research project – ‘Being’ an internal coach

Please take part in this research project being conducted by Mark Robson (, an internal coach and PhD student at York St John University.

The research involves completing an on-line questionnaire via the web link below, and will take 15 to 20 minutes.
Whilst there is an ever growing body of literature on the coaching relationship, process and outcomes I believe that the voice of the internal coach can hardly be heard. My research seeks to understand how internal coaches perceive their status as coaches within their organisational context.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Mark Robson