the price of stress & how to manage it!

Stress is a natural part of our life to function in a healthy manner and be apart of the living. If we attempt to eliminate all stress this can be dangerous to our health and well being as even happiness and joy can cause stress, and I believe many of us wouldn't want to live a life without them. As Hans Selye (1974) states, "Stress is the spice of life ... Complete freedom from stress comes only in death".

Stress can both have a positive and negative consequence in our life. We seek "positive" stress called eustress, to some extent, and for others a greater extent, when certain stressful situations and experiences provides as with a positive feeling including achievement, triumph, winning and exhilaration. Conversely, stress becomes distress i.e. "negative" stress when we are losing control for whatever, and threaten our sense of security and adequacy. Recognising the difference between the two types of stress, learning how to manage them particularly those that causes us distress, will allow us to deal more effectively with the goals and challenges which can block us from leading a more productive, purposeful and fulfilling life. 


Ref: Selye, H (1974) Stress with Distress