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States and Spaces: Using analogies and metaphors to describe our personal coaching philosophies by Keiko Shinohara and Yvonne Thackray

There really is no one way to do coaching because we each have our own unique ways of caring for, and paying attention to, the needs of our clients when we coach. However, when we talk about what attracts each of us to do coaching

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Pursuing Professionalism and Rigor in Coaching; The usefulness of peer coaching for personal and professional development by Yvonne Thackray and Larissa Conte

Coaching as we understand it today is part of an evolutionary process in elevating human potential. As societies continue to realize that each individual has greater potential to live beyond their limitations, coaching has tapped into that growing awareness while filling a gap left by the decline of lifelong structured developmental experiences like guilds, formal mentoring, and initiations.

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Introducing “Leading the way into the personal knowledge bases of everyday practitioners” (Book 3 of the Translating Coaching Codes of Practice series)

Having the opportunity to year-on-year publish a new book as part of the ‘Translating Coaching Codes of Practice’ series gives the good coach community both validation and confidence that the good coach approach is making positive headway in delivering a sustainable and robust approach that is slowly reaching its vision; to touch 1 percent of the global population with inspiring, and effective, coaching conversations. 

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