Walking the talk; reflections on change and possibilities by guest blogger wendela wolters

There are three principle means of acquiring knowledge; observation of nature, reflection and experimentation. Observation collects facts, reflection combines them and experimentation verifies the results of that combination” -Denis Diderot-

A year ago, I was in the midst of preparing for our intercontinental move back to the Netherlands. After 22 years of living in a tropical paradise, we decided that at this point in our lives we wanted a change of living, a change of environment.

We were ready to take the leap back, expecting the best.

But at the same time it meant leaving everything we had built up through the years behind. Leaving dear friends and family and leaving our house, which had become a home to our family.

Traveling between two countries, two lives and two cultures often felt very displaced. But being detached from my island identity also gave me the opportunity to redefine myself and my life. I started looking for answers to what’s important to me, how I wanted to contribute and what talents I had to share.

Generously our new environment provided me with the most beautiful surroundings. During my extensive walks through nature I found the peace of mind to reflect on my new life, to reflect on personal learning and to find the courage to dive deeper for the right answers.

I needed solitude to escape the distractions of everyday life, but I treasured the shared experience of walking with friends as well. Walking and talking with supportive friends has given me valuable reflection time and their encouragement often gave me that last push to make my decision.

In my work as a coach, I use that experience to become better in what I love to do; challenging and supporting my clients to become the best they can be! 

By providing a sounding board and asking those hard to answer questions, I play a crucial role in learning. I assist my clients in mastering those behavioral skills that are required to deal with major changes in work and life. And through empathic listening I support my client to think through issues and identify what they need to do.

In the same manner as the treasured walks with close friends, the openness and trust of the coaching relationship can support you to achieve your true potential.

In that safe coaching environment, you are free to explore the many ways that lead to new answers and new possibilities. Enjoy!