Disruptive innovation for professional education by Yvonne Thackray

Education is an important part of our lives. The information which is passed from an institution is supposed to prepare us for the future to come within our careers. Stimulation from the curricula will inspire us to find a career, that offers us some form of stability –depending on the type of risk which we embody- and help us become something. 

The reality, however, is that our education during our formative years can support a fortunate few but the majority of us will have to continue searching for what could be a satisfying career. It’s not just about being working for one company for the rest of the life, or having a portfolio career where lateral transitions are the norm between companies; it’s having a number of careers to try and find a path where one can be more motivated and passionate about the majority of the time – because there will be days when we wonder why we are feeling blue and not dancing on rainbows!

Investing is one way to further one’s education and training in a broad range of areas at evening courses offered by adult universities or affordable day courses. Alternatively with the rise in technology, Massive Open Online Courses  (MOOCs) is the new wave in distance learning that is seen as a major part of a larger disruptive innovation taking place in higher education. The course content is given away for free.

MOOCs provide everyone, well anyone who has access to the internet/wifi, to get their toes wet before taking the plunge or upskilling within their present role or discovering new ways to deal with current challenges. This is important, particularly as many individuals are required by the state to take more responsibility for their own security and well being. Hence, the need and desire to be knowledgably across a broad range of subject areas will not only help us to be more attractive in the workplace, it will also help us find creative ways to behave and participate in the complex world we now live in. 


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