An Artificial Divide by Isobel Gray (Guest Blogger)

 Like all of our coaches they have a busy schedule, and yet they have this motivation to share in their own way, of which there are many, what's important to them and why they do what they do.

Today, Isabelle shares her thoughts with us though an amazing piece of poetry. What she teaches us, as Heather Minter shared in her piece, is how we can creatively use our language to share both the sentiment and importance of the work we do. Enjoy 'An Artificial Divide' by Isobel Gray!

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Either, or

It’s the Task - 

What rather than How

Its the Business, or the People,

You’re Management or Staff

It’s about using the right Words

and Image

It’s not about the reality.

All the world’s a stage

and the men and women

merely Players

Taking up their role

As Self affirmation.

I’m OK,

I’m in the Game.

Let’s not raise the difficult issues

That the System

and the system-bound

cannot cope with.

It’s not set up for that.

We cannot handle the differences

so resort to Power

Of personality

or position,

or the Rules,

or Retreat

as the only ways through

the Chaos.

We rarely talk about the Truth,

that draws on peoples

Experience and personal knowledge

and personal Truth.

Letting the natural wisdom

That we all hold

Be expressed and held

In a collaborative, open listening space.

As the only sustainable

Way forwards

We have trouble

connecting the real conversations

that take place

informally between

Friends and colleagues

to the mean stream thrust of

organisational life.

All that energy wasted

and the instincts people have

for wanting to play their unique part

in a collective goal

Bigger than themselves

That they can sign up to.

A waste of talent

Despite all our advances


We still have a long way to go

In terms of widely held wisdom

around how to get the best

out of ourselves

and others

- in conversation

In the day to day

of Life.

Starting with

Expressing and

Listening to ourselves.

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