The Organisational Leadership Journey - into Enlightenment! (part 2) by Isobel Gray (guest)

'Organisational' poetry captures the essence of what can sometimes be difficult to express through normal modes of writing. We're very excited that Isobel Gray continues to share some of her poems, through the good coach, of organisational life through the lens of coaching. In the second of her two-part poetry, she shares her personal journey and experiences of being engaged intimately as part of the enabling system - "The Organisational Leadership Journey into Enlightenment". 


Now we are free
From the shackles
Others would impose on us.
But even more so
We have thrown off
The shackles
Of self-imposed constraints
We have built
Around ourselves in the past.

We now recognise the
Power we hold
If we choose
To see and step into the
Opportunities surrounding us
with our full Self,
and the strengths we bring
As leaders
In the context of
the relentless pace and turmoil
Of daily organisational life.

We can hold our presence
While those around us
Hold questions and doubts
About the future
Providing a positive path
and way forward;
Even though we are uncertain
About what will happen,
As events beyond our control
cascade and evolve.
Keeping our nerve,
Trusting our judgement
About the fundamentals.

We hold to our purpose
And keep that anchored
To the ground
for our people
And others
we seek to influence;
shielding and diverting
the variable winds of political
Manoeuvrings and positioning
That would otherwise
Batter us, leaving us
Flattened, disempowered
and knocked off course.

Rather we can make
Positive, creative use
of the uncertain vacuum,
and the opportunity
it provides for fresh thinking
That questions and challenges
The underlying assumptive
'We have always done it this way';
Flat earth thinking.

Our leadership journey
Has grown us. 
More at ease with uncertainty;
At ease with ourselves.
True leadership is personal.
The challenge we face
Is how we can bring that
Opening up of possibilities
And continuous learning
To others as a core part
Of our leadership Task;
To bring about Change
 As only when we better
enable others
 to step up in
 their leadership contribution
and be enablers
of sustainable
Organisational change.
Can we truly call ourselves
‘Transformational’ Leaders


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Isobel is an OD Consultant and Executive Coach. She writes poetry in her spare time. “I started writing poetry about 5 years ago. My first poem was a spontaneous outpouring of thoughts and feelings the day we chose to have our beloved cat put to sleep when the vet discovered that she had advanced stages of cancer. And it grew from there, so she left me a very special legacy. I write poems on a range of themes - nature, people, and Life, including organisational life, which my work provides very privileged access to. I find it an earthing and liberating form of creative expression