Can we connect the people-side to innovation? Leaders of digital transformation need our coaching by Dagmar Boettger (guest)

With so much talk on technology, blockchain, industry 4.0 and digital transformation, I want to make sense of the non-tech side of innovation: people.

Digital innovation projects are needed, Yes! Digital transformation needs design thinking: Yes! Digital innovations mean APPs and new tech, yes I agree.

  • But why is innovating in the digital space so emotional?

  • Why is it that people get so frustrated when innovating digital business models?

  • Why do teams get so frightened about when returning with their ideas from design thinking workshops?

  • AND: Why are digital innovation projects still career killers in corporates?

Simply put, digital innovation projects are tough change management projects. They stir up fears of job losses, battle with people's unwillingness to change and they bring uncertainty and unpredictable outcomes. 

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“INTELLIGENT THINKING, INTELLIGENT ACTION” in Private Banking A CASE STUDY in People Development with measurable and significant financial results! by Maria Biquet

In Leadership Development and People Development most of us Consultants and Coaches have interesting cases to share and learn from each other. I would like to share my experience of a project that was completed at the start of 2019 and I believe is really worth analyzing because of its proven financial results.

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A World Apart – The Journey to… by Anne Welsh (guest)

I’m fastening my bootlaces and preparing to travel.  I want to provide a bit of perspective to this journey in such a way that my words will resonate for others – to find the courage to live ‘A World Apart’. Currently, I live a lot of my life in the corporate world of business, before this I lived a huge part of my life in the academic world and before that in the creative world of parenting, yet wherever I have lived a part of me was - and is - in ‘A World Apart’.

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From Contract to Contact - Part II: Relational contracting at work by Claire Sheldon

In my last blog I wrote about the shift that’s transformed my beliefs about contracting. I had an elegant metaphor for the work – artist Mark Dion’s beautiful, spacious, liberating installation, Library for the Birds – and shared my transformative journey. And so what? How am I translating that metaphor and my ‘change in mind’ (p153, Creaner, 2011) into contracting practice? Where is there still work to be done? And how is contracting adding value to my client relationships? Actions speak louder than words…

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