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Experiencing the added value of coaching from within an organisation by Syeda Noor-ul-ain Yousaf (Guest)

Before becoming a coach and feeling the magic myself, I would never have called somebody in case of a problem. I would have kept thinking through the pros and cons of different ideas and evaluating them myself.

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How sustainability leadership is redefining individual liberty: a new context for executive coaching by Geoffrey Ahern

Championing both individual liberty − as we do in coaching − and the sustainability vision are in conflict in the world today. There are signs that they could move ahead together, but that this would require a radical redefinition of what it means to be free!

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How Actual Practice Informs Appreciation of the Complex Challenges in Effective Team Coaching by Sue Young

I am increasingly asked to do more team coaching, in addition to one to one coaching just by itself. I felt it would be an interesting time to take stock of my approach and review the underpinning principles / values I practice in my team coaching. 

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“Building waves of value working with the client’s team – the next contract” by K.C. Char (guest)
"How I used a coaching approach at work to build on and add value to how the system works" by Simon Dennis
“Doing ‘Edge work’ creates waves of value for the client, and the organization” by K. C. Char (guest)
Having coaching conversations in organisations: focusing on the individual to move beyond stereotypes by Simon Dennis (guest)
Shifting the negatives to positives in Judgement-Blame cycles by Rosemary Harper (guest)
Providing Mentoring & Coaching in family managed organizations in India by Aubrey Rebello (guest)