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How Coaching expands and enhances Leaders’ capacity by Maria Biquet

As a Coach I work with high level Executives and Entrepreneurs in developing their skills, abilities and behaviors to match the complex requirements of their roles. Developing a person is a highly demanding and very revealing process for both the Coach and the Coachee.

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Redressing the balance between positional and personal leadership by Yvonne Thackray

A lot of my work in coaching is helping professionals reframe their understanding of the work they do in comparison to similar value work in the market place. MAKING PROGRESS AS A PROFESSIONAL

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Soaring to a wider attention span again – freeing up strongly focussed leaders by Laurent Terseur

I often work with strongly focused leaders, who operate in intense, highly competitive contexts and within very powerful organisational cultures. They are strong achievers, hold high standards and are usually incredibly skilled when it comes to observing, analysing, processing and coming up with powerful ideas.

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Intuition as a Leadership Asset by Larissa Conte

It inspires curiosity, intrigue, skepticism, judgement, and profound personal growth, as we work together to develop their intuition as a powerful asset. In this article, I share how I help leaders develop their intuition as a key capability 

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A Model for Discussing Power when Coaching Leaders by Lynne Hindmarch
Leaders: Coaching the perils of success... by Laurent Terseur
Getting Trust is the essential outcome that makes Coaching possible – and different
Acknowledging disempowerment when you’re a “bullet-proof” person by Katy Tuncer (guest)
What to choose, how to choose? Supporting clients in “decision limbo” by Martina Weinberger (guest)