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From Contract to Contact - Part II: Relational contracting at work by Claire Sheldon

In my last blog I wrote about the shift that’s transformed my beliefs about contracting. I had an elegant metaphor for the work – artist Mark Dion’s beautiful, spacious, liberating installation, Library for the Birds – and shared my transformative journey. And so what? How am I translating that metaphor and my ‘change in mind’ (p153, Creaner, 2011) into contracting practice? Where is there still work to be done? And how is contracting adding value to my client relationships? Actions speak louder than words…

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Has my coachee got what it takes? Have I? by Alan Robertson

This is a case about creating the conditions for engagement

‘H’ approached coaching reluctantly.

Actually, that’s a massive under-statement. He had already cancelled twice before he finally turned up for his re-scheduled session. Even then he didn’t come straight into the room. He stood in the open doorway, filling it with his physical presence. He was well over six feet tall. He glowered at me.

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“The Coaching Contract – what’s in a name?” by Lynne Hindmarch

Most professions have jargon, only fully understood by the initiated.  The coaching profession has jargon too, but has the added misfortune of having two words widely used within the profession which have a rather different meaning elsewhere.  One of these is ‘supervision’ (which has been much debated and I won’t dwell on here), and the other is ‘the contract’ (or ‘contracting’).

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