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Working as a Consultant Coach can speed up results! By Maria Biquet

Most of us are fed up with instructions, ready-made solutions and all the literature about “the X steps to success” that somebody else has tried (or just imagined) and presents them to us all as the Guru in the matter of self- development and success in life and business.

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Strategy for a Gig economy by John Bittleston (guest)

Before we examine the way larger companies approach strategy we’ll look at the apparently not so well understood gig economy. They call themselves consultants, advisors, experts, mentors, coaches, trainers, financial consultants, psychologists, therapists, insurance advisers and many other things. I am one of them. A small 

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What is this rhythm thing and what does it have to do with coaching? By Simon Darnton

In my first piece about rhythm being an untapped dimension in coaching and one that, for me, was born out of a domain full of speed and risk, it follows that what I do in coaching has to do with rhythm. I help my clients to find better rhythms, of course, but what about me?

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