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Using ‘felt experience’ in coaching by embodying Chinese thinking by Simon Darnton

The more I coach, the more I am aware of how I rely on both mine and my clients’ felt experience as primary guides in the coaching space. Through this, clients also report that they become more aware of, and connected with, their felt experience. But more importantly they're able to use it practically, to be 

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A guide to the very lonely planet of working as a coach: maintaining my voice, presence and self as an instrument at its best By Luis San Martin

“Dad, I want to be a coach like you. [Dad replies, with clenched fists and a strained expression] Oh, God! Please, get a real job.” Let’s imagine for a moment that your kid comes up to you with such an occurrence.

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Live where you fear to live: Embracing our own challenges as coaches by Jon Dunsmore (Guest)

During my postgraduate diploma studies in psychological coaching with the Metanoia Institute, I followed a strict study regime – devouring coaching books in my spare time. One such book was Much Ado About Coaching, published by the contributors to this website.

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