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Live where you fear to live: Embracing our own challenges as coaches by Jon Dunsmore (Guest)

During my postgraduate diploma studies in psychological coaching with the Metanoia Institute, I followed a strict study regime – devouring coaching books in my spare time. One such book was Much Ado About Coaching, published by the contributors to this website.

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“Rules of Thumb: My Own Coaching Heuristics” by Lilian Abrams

I have realized over my time as an executive coach (and prior to that, as an OD consultant) that I have assembled my own personal treasure box of what I call “heuristics”.  These are the pithy sayings, models, and go-to concepts that I have found useful in describing my meaning, in terms of providing a contribution to my client in that moment in our coaching conversation.  (Understanding the nature of that prompting urge is, I suspect, a topic for another blog-piece!)

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