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The Accidental Coach OR "How I stumbled across coaching and discovered I was one" By Epimetheus (guest)

Service - helping others.  There, I’ve said it. After much reflection and rummaging in my memory I’d sum up my approach to coaching with that one word.  Jeremy Bentham wrote, “Create all the happiness you are able to create.  Remove all the misery you are able to remove.”  And coaching is a powerful way of doing that.

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My journey from operating as a Consultant who also occasionally, bolted on coaching, to appreciating more fully what Coaching can bring by Gamiel Yafai

At the start of this year one of my goals was to complete an Executive Coaching qualification mainly to rubber stamp my many years experience, and as a backup for tenders and other business requirements, not really appreciating just what a difference it would make. 

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Devising the best Business Brand for Coaching Practice by Lisa Haydon (guest)

I chose the profession of coaching because I want to help others and am passionate about making a difference. I believe I bring experience, insights, and training to my work. I and my fellow coaches want to be the best for our clients and to do great work. Organizations and professionals who have worked with coaches can attest to the impact coaching has had on them. 

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