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Coaching from the top of mountains: how we choose an environment and transform it into a coaching space by Simon Darnton

I've always been interested in how we create the right coaching environment for our coachees and especially how we can use that space to add even more value to our work. This summer I had some experiences that have made me think differently about the coaching space.

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When ego gets in the way of a good coaching conversation by Petra Macdougald

Recently I conducted a video conference session with an overseas client. This client is a senior executive and we have had previously three very fruitful sessions face to face. While I do conduct a fair number of coaching sessions via

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“Rules of Thumb: My Own Coaching Heuristics” by Lilian Abrams

I have realized over my time as an executive coach (and prior to that, as an OD consultant) that I have assembled my own personal treasure box of what I call “heuristics”.  These are the pithy sayings, models, and go-to concepts that I have found useful in describing my meaning, in terms of providing a contribution to my client in that moment in our coaching conversation.  (Understanding the nature of that prompting urge is, I suspect, a topic for another blog-piece!)

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