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如何提高導師水平的9.5個重要方法 - 由侯婉琳提供

‘’the good coach” 吸引了其他志同道合的導師(無論全職/兼職/隨意),他們期望得益於超越目前的市場狀態。我們參加了小組討論。我們與同行,博客和tgc讀者聯繫,

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High Quality in the Coaching process by Maria Biquet

Practicing Coaching for years and reaching a point of maturity I have come to some observations and conclusions about what we really do when we work with people in a coaching process.

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A guide to the very lonely planet of working as a coach: maintaining my voice, presence and self as an instrument at its best By Luis San Martin

“Dad, I want to be a coach like you. [Dad replies, with clenched fists and a strained expression] Oh, God! Please, get a real job.” Let’s imagine for a moment that your kid comes up to you with such an occurrence.

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