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When ego gets in the way of a good coaching conversation by Petra Macdougald

Recently I conducted a video conference session with an overseas client. This client is a senior executive and we have had previously three very fruitful sessions face to face. While I do conduct a fair number of coaching sessions via

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Powerfully Handling Distractions by Katy Tuncer

Everyone faces a constant steam of opportunities to shift focus away from planned work. Some distractions are externally imposed and others just seem to pop up in the mind. Either way, badly handled distractions can lead to wasted time and frustration. How often do you end the day frustrated with what you have achieved or irritated with yourself for wasting time on the wrong things?

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How Actual Practice Informs Appreciation of the Complex Challenges in Effective Team Coaching by Sue Young

I am increasingly asked to do more team coaching, in addition to one to one coaching just by itself. I felt it would be an interesting time to take stock of my approach and review the underpinning principles / values I practice in my team coaching. 

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