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A World Apart – The Journey to… by Anne Welsh (guest)

I’m fastening my bootlaces and preparing to travel.  I want to provide a bit of perspective to this journey in such a way that my words will resonate for others – to find the courage to live ‘A World Apart’. Currently, I live a lot of my life in the corporate world of business, before this I lived a huge part of my life in the academic world and before that in the creative world of parenting, yet wherever I have lived a part of me was - and is - in ‘A World Apart’.

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Finding alternative ways to capture feedback in coaching: Drawing insights from student trainings by Grace Siu (Guest)

In coaching, capturing the insights following each, or series of sessions, can be quite challenging.  Drawing on from my work of using technology as part of the trainings I provide to students, I hope there are some insights that can be considered and applied in this space.

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Time for a paradigm shift in coaching – my call for a turn towards autoethnography by Margaret Chapman-Clarke (Guest Author)

It is 7.15 pm. on a Monday evening. I am sitting overlooking Scarborough’s North Bay. There are four mature gentlemen in evening dress, complete with bow ties posing for a photograph with the castle ruins and the sea as the background. I don’t see that often in this part of town. Most people dress in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops, with children carrying buckets and spades. It is sunny. The sea is calm. I have been reflecting on what I might write to succinctly capture the peaks and troughs of coaching (past, present and emerging future).

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